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Welcome to Transition Assessments & Curriculum; at where you will find educational transition program resources and assessments all with the common goal of helping improve transition outcomes for learners. Transition planning helps learners find meaningful work that meets their personal interests, abilities, and goals.  It also helps learners live as independently as they are able.

My name is Heidi Johnson, I am a sales consultant and distributor of transition work and life skills educational materials and assessments that are designed for schools and/or adult programs to provide transition services. The materials and assessments have the ability to serve a wide variety of learners; including learners with special needs, autism, developmental and/or cognitive disabilities.  

I work primarily with schools and school districts in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota. However the materials are also used in various programs that focus on career and life education.  I offer a wide variety of proven and researched based curriculum and teaching programs, along with a variety of both formal and informal age appropriate career and transition assessments and career and transition planning programs. I'm glad to help you find the best solutions to meet your program goals. 

Please contact me any time with questions that you may have.  Great transition programming helps learners discover their potential, and realize their dreams!

Heidi C. Johnson     

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Let's get ready for work, and ready for independent life.