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Going to Charting the C's Conference in April 2019?

Charting the C's 11th Annual Cross Catagorical Conference in Alexandria, MN

If so, plan to attend “PAES and Project Discovery Mini Training” 

Exhibitor Spotlight Session 
2:45 – 4:15 Monday, April 8, 2019 

D5. Exhibitor Spotlight: 
PAES and Project Discovery Mini Training

Speaker: Heidi Johnson

Part I: PAES Vocational Assessment:

Learn how students discover their employment potential exploring hands on jobs with PAES. Join us for a PAES 45 mini training. Whether you have already been trained in and are already using PAES, or if you are brand new to PAES, this mini-training is for you. In this mini training we will go over the basics of scoring students with PAES, and we’ll demonstrate how PAES encourages workplace independence, and measures students’ workplace “soft skills”. In addition, we will demonstrate how PAES uncovers each individual students’ work interests, work skills abilities, and work potential using performance based formal assessment. All participants will receive a 2019 PAES In-Service Training Guide. 
Part II: Project Discovery and Achieve Life Skills Curriculum:

Join us for a Project Discovery mini training to see how students explore hands on jobs and learn both the hard and soft skills they will need to reach their post school goals. Learn how to use Project Discovery in your classrooms to provide comprehensive transition programming for ALL students. See how Project Discovery exposes students to various hands on work experiences in many career areas, using the equipment and workplace vocabulary necessary for those careers. Also discover the wide variety of life skills curriculum available to help students achieve their greatest potential. Whether you are already using Project Discovery, or if you are brand new to Project Discovery, there will be something in this mini-training for you. We will go over the basics of the Project Discovery and its instructional components. All participants will receive Project Discovery and Achieve Life Skills Curriculum samples.