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2018-19 PAES School Year - Teacher Resources

All underlined words on this page are live links to current resources for PAES teaching staff.

PAES Updated Job Cards

TAI is updating some of the PAES job cards this year in 2019.  Some have already been updated, and are included in this link. However, TAI is still in the process of updating a few more like PP, AB4-5, and IT jobs; which will be added to this updated job cards folder once they are updated.  

PAES Cloud-Based Audio Job Cards   

Register your PAES Lab

If you haven't registered your PAES lab yet, please do.  This will give you online access to all of the latest software programs (like the typing software that replaces the typewriter, and SCP Timeclock that replaces the maunal time clocks), and the PAES master Files that are found on 

PAES 2019 Training Participants Guide 

There is the most current training guide for PAES.  Download a copy for your own use. There is information on interpreting the PAES performance summary report on pages 15 - 25.  There is a reminder of how to use the PAES Workplace Skills (click for access to the actual forms and booklet) on pages 11 - 12, and a sample PAES Narrative Report (formerly Commentary Report) on Page 26.  The PAES Narrative Report is a summary of perfomance of PAES that all members of the Students IEP team can appreciate. It is written in layman's terms and is compiled from the information on the PAES summary report and workplace skills assessment. There is also the Optional Scoring Process for students who likely need Guided Practice and/or sub-task assessment on page 33, and PAES accomodations on page 34.  On pages 37 and 38 there are wonderful assessments for PAES evaluators to use to assisit new PAES staff in learning proper imlementation of PAES Assessment, and a self check for "How well are we managing our PAES lab?". This is a great booklet and resource!

PAES 2019 Technical Requirements Sheet

This gives the current computer technical requirements for PAES.

PAES 2019 Set up your PAES computers and printer Sheet

This gives current instructions for setting up your PAES computers and printer, including linking your Timeclock Software to your Scoring Software databases.  See step five.

PAES Timeclock Software (SCP Timeclock) Manual 

The PAES Timeclock Software SCP Timeclock has been updated.  There are directions for your tech to follow to link your Timeclock Software and Scoring Software databases in this manual as well.

Common Phrases Used in a PAES Lab

Use these common phrases in your lab to foster independence and to practice interacting with a supervisor at work.


Transition Assessments & Curriculum at