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The Practical Assessment Exploration System - PAES is now available to the students at Lakeland STAR School/Academy, Lakeland Union High School and Middle School. The students "go to work" each day at PAES to the Howard Young Medical Center, part of Ascension in Woodruff, Wisconsin. The PAES work lab is located within the hospital to give students an integrated work experience. This is the first PAES of its kind in the United States, by locating a PAES lab within the four walls of a business. Each day Lakeland STAR School/Academy and Lakeland Union students are going to work and discovering their work potential by experiencing and exploring a wide variety of individual jobs. 

When the students arrive to PAES, they clock in and they “go to work” exploring in a different work area each day. The students find out for themselves what job skills they are good at, and what job skills they like to do. The students are given support and help when they ask for it; but mostly they work independently to see what they can do on their own. STAR staff keeps track of the quality of each job the student attempts, as well as what type of assistance each student needs. They also track how each student learns best. Students time themselves while completing their assigned job tasks.  All of this information is entered into a database that produces reports that help guide the students transition. For the students who need it, supports are given to enable them to perform job skills that otherwise they would not be able to do. The idea and hope is that these supports will transfer on the job as reasonable accommodations.  

PAES was developed to prepare students for work, independent living, and/or post-secondary education. The individualized reports generated from PAES help guide the Lakeland STAR School/Academy and Lakeland Union students individual plans. The detailed PAES reports are not only helpful for the student, but also the helpful to the parents/guardians, care givers, teaching staff, case manager/worker, guidance counselor, and county and vocational rehabilitation services providers.  

Lakeland STAR School kicks off "First of its kind".  

A PAES work lab located within the local hospital in Woodruff, Wisconsin.

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