What is PAES?:

PAES IS A HANDS-ON ASSESSMENT OF EMPLOYMENT POTENTIAL                 Expose your students or clients to a broad range of hands-on, generalizable work skills.  They'll be better prepared for community work experiences, future employment and independent life!

Participants clock in and go to work exploring nearly 300 jobs in five career areas that are based upon typical skills found at community based job sites.  Participants find out what job skills they are good at, and what job skills they like to do. 

PAES is a Comprehensive Partner:

  • To Community Based Work
  • To Post-Secondary Education
  • Supporting Positive Outcomes for WIOA
  • Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

PAES Curriculum Based Assessment is a Performance Based Measure of Employment Potential. *All Formal Assessment Scores contribute to the PAES Aptitude Scores on the PAES Performance Summary Report  

PAES PROVIDES MEANINFUL and CRITICAL INFORMATION FOR IEPs and TRANSITION ASSESSMENT  There are so many benefits from PAES beyond the hands on exploration of nearly 300 Jobs.  The PAES performance summary report defines the participants strengths and abilities in regards to their employment potential.

This report is provided to all involved:

Including : The  Participant, Parents, Guardians, Care Givers, Teaching Staff, Case Manager/Worker, Guidance Counselor, County and VRS.


Quality of Work:  The PAES evaluator inspects and scores each job for quality.

Work Rate:  Each PAES job is timed and rated against the competitive job rates.

Amount of Assistance Needed:  Was the PAES job performed independently?  Or was assistance or accommodations needed?  Assistance and Accommodations are provided, and scored and reported through the PAES scoring software to help ensure that transition goals will reasonably enable the participant to meet those postsecondary and/or work readiness goals

Participants say whether or not they like a job, every time they complete a job in PAES.  Because every job is performed hands-on, this is a very accurate indicator of interest . 

Are there barriers to success in regards to getting and keeping a job?  PAES provides an opportunity to identify and develop appropriate work skills and behaviors, prior to working in the community.  This includes a proper work behavior inventory, goals, objectives and daily tracking.

Each PAES job is broken down and assessed by individual sub task for when the need arrives.  This is when a job has been attempted, assistance is given and the student is not expected to complete the PAES job entirely.   The jobs are broken down to individual sub tasks in order to find out what sub task of the job can the participant can complete. 


PAES Validation

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​PAES Teacher/Student Made Featured Videos:

Manawa Wisconsin Paving the Way

Brainerd Minnesota Golden Apple: PAES Labs Prepares Students 

Minnesota PAES Student Orientation Video 
Created by:  Christine Dohrmann, Robbinsdale Area Schools in Minnesota

New York Rensselaer Academy PAES Lab

Ohio Great Oaks CareerX

Ohio Scarlet Oaks CDC-CareerX Program

PAES Marketing Document Links:

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PAES Participating Local Districts:

PAES MN Contact Names and Locations Map
PAES WI Contact Names and Locations Map
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Local PAES Teacher Toolbox
(For PAES Teaching Staff Only - Password Protected - ask Heidi for password heidi@worklifeready.com) This is a collection from over the years.  The teacher made items are not validated or approved, but may be a useful resource for your lab.  Over the years, teachers and aides have sent in items they have made for their lab, and this is a way to share the resources out in order to avoid duplication of efforts.  If you have something you have made to share, please email it to Heidi at heidi@worklifeready.com, and it will be put it in the teacher toolbox for others to share and use.  

These are actual Minnesota PAES Student Case Studies Example Reports.  The students have a broad range of functioning levels. The names have been changed to protect student's privacy.


Planning for your set up

​Did you know?  
This is a fun PAES fact: 

As of 10/31/2018, and according to company records and historian memories, there are approximately 62 PAES labs in Minnesota, 8 PAES in Wisconsin, 4 PAES in South Dakota, 1,820 PAES in the U.S., about 10 active PAES in Canada, one in the Bahamas, and at one point there were three PAES in Europe (England, Germany, and Italy) which were in US bases and were purchased by the Department of Defense.

Congratulations 2018-19 PAES Labs!

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