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Education Associates, the publisher of Project Discovery 

is offering a Spring Special.  

The Perfect Pair, with an offer deadline of May 1st, 2019 

The Perfect Pair
Buy an Adapted Kit
Receive an Achieve Life Skills Title of your choice

Buy Two Adapted Kits, get Two Free Achieve Life Skills Titles.  Buy all 17 Adapted Kits, get 17 Lifelong Learning Titles of your choice.  

You get the picture  :)    

Please request a proposal from for your district or program. Include your list of titles for the proposal. Provide on Wish List if you like Download Wish List for entire listing of all available titles.

You can also email or call Heidi 651-433-1358 with questions or to request a proposal.

Spring 2019 Project Discovery Perfect Pair offer!

Effective for purchase orders received on or before May 1st of 2019.