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project: discovery and achieve: life skills

2018-19  Teaching Resources

All underlined words on this page are live links to current resources for project: discovery and achieve: life skills teaching staff.

We are hard at work establishing a video library showing teachers using project: discovery in their various classrooms. 

Our first video shoot was at the Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191 Transition Program in Burnsville, MN.   

Take a look at the awesome video that we now have:

New Adapted project: discovery Video 

By Angila Schmidtke, Special Education Teacher, BEST Transition School Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District 191! 

Our next video shoot is scheduled for March 8th, 2019 in North Branch, MN.  Stay tuned for more teacher videos this year!

project: discovery and achieve: life skills

Instructional Strategies

project: discovery and achieve: life skills  curriculum is extremely dynamic, allowing for a broad range of strategies to match educators’ expertise
and classroom needs. Instructors can implement this curriculum using a variety of methods tailored to staffing, student numbers, ability levels, and available technology. The instructional strategies scenarios are based on best practices shared by educators currently using our curriculum.

project: discovery and achieve: life skills

Sample IEP Goals and Objectives

Written by project: discovery certified trainer, Nicky Loch

project: discovery

Consumable Supplies

project: discovery

Academic Correlations

project: discovery and achieve: life skills 

Curriculum Wish List

Shows all available titles.  Purchase one title at a time, as a customized package, or by the series.

project: discovery and acheive: life skills 

Placement Checklist

What level is right for my learners?