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Talent Assessment Program (TAP)

TAP is a functional vocational aptitude assessement

that requires no reading and can benefit all individuals.

  • TAP Integrates with the Waypoint Program
  • TAP can also serve as a stand-alone Vocational Assessment

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How does TAP Operate?

  • TAP is an assessment of one’s individual functional ability.

  • TAP is computer correlated to the best career matches.

  • TAP is administered in a classroom, or like atmosphere.

  • TAP’s assessment tools are packaged in portable cases which can be stored, or transported from place to place.

  • TAP is typically a one-time assessment that is performed within a two and a half hour session.  One to eight individuals can be assessed at a time, and as many as 20 individuals in a day, depending on the individuals and whether or not they have a disability.

  • The tests are easy to administer and the computer program is the most advanced and user friendly on the market today.

  • Using TAP, you can assess and evaluate everyone in your career program, whether it be vocational or professional.